What is Samba TV?

Samba TV is a completely free opt-in service that helps you discover more of what you love to watch. When enabled, Samba TV makes your Smart TV smarter through the capabilities below.

Hotlist, our Smart TV app, brings the best of the Web to your TV so you can watch all the trending internet videos on the largest screen in your house. Hotlist is currently only available for Funai’s Philips, Sanyo, and Magnavox Smart TVs within the US.

Spotlight, our mobile Android and iOS app, is a reimagined TV guide app. It has everything you want to know about your favorite shows and actors in one app, while also notifying you when your favorite show has a new episode. Please note that Spotlight requires a short code from a Samba TV-enabled Smart TV to connect and provide recommendations tailored to your viewing preferences. If Spotlight isn't connected to your Smart TV, it will provide insights into the trending shows airing right now on TV.

Interactive TV reveals the most watched shows in real-time. Soon it also notifies you when your shows are starting -- and when they come back from commercials.

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